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ProActive ProBiostatin Canine Probiotic

ProActive ProBiostatin Canine is specially formulated for canines and offers a blended delivery system with an absorption rate to blood higher and more effective than any feed additive product on the market. ProActive ProBiostatin blends our delivery system with probiotic strains which are clinically proven to be the best and most effective equine probiotic to date. This combination of our delivery (uptake) and probiotics makes ProActive ProBiostatin more effective than the brewer’s yeast (Lactobacillus) that has been used in the market place for over 50 years.


Function of Product

ProActive ProBiostatin bio regulates the intestinal bacterial flora in the equine’s gut up to 10 times more effectively than any other product on the market. It contributes to the health and development of intestinal microbial balance. This helps improve nutrient absorption and prevents the spread of harmful bacteria through the body.


How is ProBiostatin Canine Probiotic different?

ProActive ProBiostatin is specifically engineered to improve the healthy function of your dog’s GI tract. This unique new formula couples the world’s best probiotic strains with a patented gastric technology to take the benefits of probiotic use to a whole new level. ProActive ProBiostatin has set the industry standard as a true intestinal Bio-regulator that increases feed efficiency, nutrient uptake and improves fiber digestion. Our registered probiotic strains are clinically proven to be antibiotic resistant, survive gastric shock and stimulate enzymatic activity in the hindgut; providing you with superior results and a healthier dog.



ProActive ProBiostatin prevents and helps  diarrhea.

ProActive ProBiostatin prevents and helps prevent gastro duodenal ulcers.

ProActive ProBiostatin, through the absorption delivery system, utilizes feed more effectively with up to 60% more uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

ProActive ProBiostatin effectively provides beneficial microflora to help fight allergens and pathogens.

ProActive ProBiostatin effectively balances animal’s system and reduces the effects of stress from transporting, performing, training, etc.

ProActive ProBiostatin has been shown to increase muscle mass up to 25%.

ProActive ProBiostatin provides a more favorable environment that may reduce parasite problems.

ProActive ProBiostatin has been shown to maintain your canine’s weight while reducing feed cost or help put weight on hard keepers.

ProActive ProBiostatin reduces sickness, illness, and mortality rates by dramatically strengthening the immune system.

ProActive ProBiostatin contains the ONLY yeast culture that is both antibiotic resistant and gastric shock resistant.

ProActive ProBiostatin 30ml syringe

  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee less the cost of Shipping.

  • Shipping is FREE (to the continental U.S.)

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